Relevance of travel agents while planning any trip


Many people are of the opinion that the emergence of several ticket booking sites like and have reduced the importance of the travel agents. Travel agents now have no role to play in booking of flight and hotel tickets because these can be easily done with the help of such sites. But such people are quite wrong because travel agents have not lost their relevance even in face of such tech- friendly ticket booking sites. On the contrary these have increased their relevance to the significant extent and many people are hiring them because these agents are offering something new to the tourists. Their relevance has much increased in following sectors mentioned below:

  • International Travel: Besides offering destination related advice travel agents can obtain ideal packages of flight and international hotel on your behalf so as to reduce your expenditures in overseas trips. The situation may get complicated while visiting foreign country with tough visa requirements. The presence of a travel agent can easily give you hold of such visa and you can travel in such country in a relax mood without fear of being stranded.
  • Honeymoon Travel: A travel agent can provide valuable inputs in having a perfect honeymoon trip with your loving wife. It will not only help in obtaining hotel rooms in discount rate but because of his rapport you can get luxury rooms with proper viewing of the scenery.
  • Cruise Travel: With the help of travel agent you can contact with a reliable cruise travelling agency so as to have a nice cruise travel with lovely food dishes with extended durations of travelling. You can also expect to go on fishing trips by contacting good travel agents.
  • Theme park trip: Travelling in a theme park often involves lot of expenditures. With the presence of a travel agent you can get rid of such expenditure because he would help you in identifying the best possible deal for such trip.



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